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About Djinni.co

Djinni.co is the largest tech talent marketplace in Eastern Europe, where tech companies from all over the world can connect directly with the top tech talent on the market. Recruiters and hiring managers can post jobs and search through a pool of qualified candidates that are currently looking for jobs.

Unlike working with an agency or a staffing partner, you have full control of the hiring process, from the first message to an offer.

By posting jobs and sourcing 60,000+ candidates, recruiters and hiring managers can reduce their time to hire to 2-3 weeks.

Posting jobs and reaching out to candidates is free on Djinni. We only charge a one-time Success Fee equal to 20% of the monthly salary expectations for candidate's from Ukraine, and 50% for candidates from other countries and regions, if you make a successful hire.

Djinni in numbers

  • In 2012, Djinni.co was established, becoming the largest IT job board in Ukraine
  • 60,000 candidates looking for jobs
  • 250,000 IT specialists subscribed to our newsletters and following us across social media
  • 13,000 jobs posted
  • 2,000 successful hires made on Djinni each month, on average
  • 16 applications per job, on average
  • 2-3 weeks from the first contact to an offer, on average


Chart, candidates location on Djinni. Ukraine: 80.9%, Central & Western Asia: 10.4%, Europe: 5.7%, Africa, North & South America, Southern & Eastern Asia, Oceania: 3%
Candidates by region
Chart, companies location on Djinni. Ukraine: 84.6%, Europe: 9.2%, Central & Western Asia, Africa, North & South America, Souther & Eastern Asia, Oceania: 6.2%