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The best way to make great hires on Djinni is to combine job postings with proactive outreach. Our stats show that recruiters who make successful hires typically reach out to five candidates in addition to the ~15 applications they receive for a job.

How do I contact a candidate?

On the left sidebar, you can use various filters to create a custom list for your sourcing.

You can build a candidate list based on:

  • Job titles
  • Regions
  • Work experience
  • English level
  • Employment type
  • Search type (active or passive)

What's the difference between both search types

  • Active: Candidates who are actively looking for their next role.
  • Passive: Most likely currently employed candidates who might be open to switching jobs if the right offer presents itself.

Once you have filtered out relevant candidates for your role, you can contact each of them directly. We recommend adding the link to your job post on Djinni to your message. When you reach out to the candidate, briefly describe your job opportunity and why it could be interesting for them.

Here are our tips on how to write a good first message.

The job search on Djinni is anonymous for Candidates, they will reveal their contact information (usually it is Candidate's CV, LinkedIn, email, etc.), if interested. There is no middleman in your communication with candidates on djinni.co.

Good luck with your search! Please let us know once you’ve made a successful hire!