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Legal and contracts

You don’t need to sign a contract with us to hire on Djinni

We try to make the service as nimble and quick for you as we can, without needless paperwork and approvals that take months. This strategy may not be effective with large organizations but proves to be successful for fast-moving tech companies.

However, if you require a contract to be signed - we are happy to do so.

95% of our clients work with us without a contract signed.

When we issue an invoice (SWIFT or card payment), we state the following payment purpose - Services on Access to djinni.co web portal database, search and assortment according to the fields of IT specialists work. This is sufficient for your bank to confirm the transaction.


Do I need to sign a contract with Djinni to start hiring?

No, it is not necessary. We give you full access as soon as you sign up and we verify your profile.

Can we sign a contract if our lawyers require it to approve payments for hires?

Yes, we are happy to sign a contract. Please contact magic@djinni.co

Where is djinni.co registered?

In Ukraine.

Our finance department requires Form W-8BEN-E to process the payment. Can you provide it?

Yes, here’s a link to download it: W-8BEN-E.pdf

If we sign a contract, what country's laws will govern our relationship?

Djinni is a platform made and registered in Ukraine. We are a Ukrainian service provider, so our relationship will be governed by Ukrainian law.

Can you provide the template of a SWIFT invoice?

Yes, you can download it here: SWIFT example.pdf

I want to see an example of a contract you can enter into with my company.

Here is a template that we usually sign with clients. He is bilingual, in English and Ukrainian because our company is registered in Ukraine.

Can you provide the contract template?

Here's a sample contract that we normally sign with our clients. Since Djinni is registered in Ukraine, it is bilingual: in English and Ukrainian: Djinni - Services Agreement .docx

What should be the name of the services specified in the invoices?Services on Access to djinni.co web portal database, search and assortment according to the fields of IT specialists work.

When paying invoices, are there any hidden fees or taxes? Do you, for example, include VAT in the invoice amount?

When it comes to paying bills, there are no hidden expenses. Since we are registered in Ukraine, you won’t have to pay VAT-tax.

I have some questions left. How can I get further information?

You can contact us at magic@djinni.co and we’ll try to help you further.