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Pay only if you make a hire

Djinni doesn't charge subscription fees or monthly payments. You can post jobs and source candidates free of charge, with no commitments, bills, or recurring payments. We only charge a Success Fee equal to 20% of the monthly salary expectations for candidate's from Ukraine, and 50% for candidates from other countries and regions.

For example, hiring an Android Developer with $4000 monthly salary expectation costs you $2000, if candidate is not from Ukraine. For candidate from Ukraine the costs would be $800.

The Success Fee to be paid for hiring any candidate on Djinni is automatically calculated on the candidate profile under the "Contact Candidate" button.

The Success Fee is fixed when you first contact the candidate, i.e. if the candidate changes (increases/decreases) their salary expectations after you’ve already started talking, the Success Fee doesn’t change.

The invoice for a successful hire should be paid within 30 days after the candidate`s start date at your company. We accept Visa and MasterCard. Or a wire transfer (SWIFT) in EUR/USD.You can download a SWIFT invoice in the Payment section of your profile.

30-day warranty for a hire

If the candidate hired on Djinni worked at your company for less than one month for any reason, we cancel our Success Fee. In this case, you don't have to pay us anything.In case you already made a payment, you can request a refund or use this money as a deposit for future hires on Djinni.

Hire juniors for free

Djinni wants to foster and support new, talented developers, therefore we don’t charge you for hiring them. Junior is any candidate on the platform with monthly salary expectations under $700.

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