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Company page
and teams

Make your company page stand out and attract top talent by telling candidates about your company, culture, and benefits. Start with:

  • Your company name
  • A few sentences about your company in the description
  • A link to your website

In the "About Us" section, you can provide more detail about your product or service, the locations of your offices, the culture of your company, and the benefits you offer. This helps to engage candidates and promote a positive company image.

Teams on Djinni

If multiple people from your company are working with djinni.co, you can manage your pipeline of candidates together under one Team. Users under one team can see who their colleagues are talking to, making it easier to keep track of your pipeline.

We do not have company profiles on Djinni. Each recruiter should register a separate account with their personal and company information to be later merged into a Team. Djinni Team can add users with the same corporate emails as yours to your team.

Your team members can see who is talking to a candidate. All the hires made by a team go to a shared team account.

Each Djinni Team has an Administrator (there can be several of them at the same time).

The team Administrator at Djinni can:

Invite team members with a unique link. Just copy the link and share it with your colleagues. If the new user creates a Recruiter Profile using your link, they are automatically added to your team.

Delete team members, if they are no longer with the company.

Oversee all hires made by teammates in the Payment section, pay the fee for hires made by the Team, see all the conversations the Team has.

Make other teammates an admin.

Additionally, you can:

  • Share received job applications and candidates’ contacts (with all the team members or admins only)
  • See the Analytics of the Team Performance

In the Team, you can’t:

  • Reply to your colleague's message threads
  • Transfer the job posts from one account to another - the job should be posted under your account