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Terms of Use

We only charge a one-time fee if you make a successful hire

Djinni's Terms of Use are transparent and straightforward. We don't charge monthly bills, prepayments, or hidden fees for premium features.

In this article you'll find key points of our TOS. The complete version can be found here.

If you make a successful hire on Djinni, we charge a Success Fee equal to 20% of the monthly salary expectations for candidates from Ukraine, 50% for others, within 30 days from the candidate's start date. This applies to candidates who responded to the vacancy as well as those you reached out to.

This is a one-time payment, made only when the candidate accepts your job offer.

The Success Fee is fixed wen you first contact the candidate or receive a job application. If the candidate raises their salary expectations after you've started interviewing them, the fee is based on their original profile.

You can view the candidate's monthly salary expectations on their profile.

Posting jobs and contacting candidates on Djinni is free of charge. You can post an unlimited number of jobs and do unlimited candidate sourcing.

Who and when should report a successful hire on Djinni?

Once an offer with a candidate is signed, we expect the recruiter who made the hire to report it to the Djinni team. You can report a hire from your Inbox or Payment Section.

Payment terms

The invoice should be paid within 30 days after the candidate's start date at your company. We accept Visa and MasterCard, or we can invoice your company in USD/EUR to be paid via wire transfer (SWIFT). You can download a SWIFT invoice in the Payment section of your profile.

30-day warranty for a hire

Djinni wants companies and candidates to be a perfect match. Hence, if the candidate hired on Djinni worked at your company for less than one month for any reason, we cancel our Success Fee, and you don't have to pay us anything.

Hire juniors free of charge

Djinni wants to foster and support new, talented developers, so we don't charge you for hiring them. A junior is any candidate on the platform with monthly salary expectations under $700.

💡 Updated Aug 1, 2023