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First steps

Congrats on creating you profile! So where do you start on Djinni once you’ve registered? There are two ways to build a talent pipeline:

Doing both simultaneously is the best way to start interviewing candidates and fill your roles quickly.

The best way to begin is by posting a job

On Djinni.co, you can post unlimited jobs free of charge. Just describe the role you are looking to fill and the desired candidate. Once you click “Post a Job”, your ad will be up on the website and we'll send your job to all candidates that match the qualifications for your role. Try posting your first job on Djinni.

While applications are on their way, reach out to candidates yourself

Combining posting a job with sourcing candidates is the best way to find high-quality talent quickly. Start by browsing the “Candidates” page, and inform desired candidates that you are hiring via direct messages.

The response rate of active candidates on Djinni.co is 46%, but this depends on the complexity of the role.

You can use our filters to create a custom list of candidates:

You can filter all 60K candidates by:

  • Job title
  • Region
  • Work experience
  • English level
  • Employment type
  • Search type: active/passive

Candidates on Djinni use two types of job search

  • Active: candidates that are actively looking for their next role.
  • Passive: most likely currently employed candidates that might be open to switching jobs if the right offer presents itself.

Lots of tech talent comes to Djinni.co to monitor the market and observe its trends. Djinni shows your jobs and gives you access to source the pool of passive job seekers who may consider switching jobs if you reach out to them with an attractive offer.

If you are looking to fill a very specific role, we recommend checking the passive candidates’ list and contacting them.

After you filter out candidates that match your requirements, you can send each of them a direct message.

✨ Djinni tip: use our guide to craft the perfect first message to the candidate.

Job search on Djinni.co is anonymous for candidates. Since Djinni is the most popular platform to look for jobs in tech, candidates can consider new offers without prematurely revealing their intention to change jobs to their companies.

You'll be able to access their contacts and full CV once they confirm they are interested in your job offer or if the candidate applies for your job.

All active conversations with candidates go to your Inbox. We will also send all job applications to your email.

There is no middleman in your communication with candidates on Djinni.co. Djinni provides you with a platform to connect with Ukraine's top tech talent through posting jobs or proactive sourcing.

Unfortunately, we do not have integration with ATS at the moment, but it will appear someday.