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Job posting

You can post unlimited jobs for free.

You don't have to pay for each job you post on Djinni. You can post as many jobs as you need to close free of charge. After you’ve posted your job ad, we'll send it to relevant candidates who match the qualifications for your role, as well as post it on the website.

Here’s a full list of jobs posted on Djinni.

What should your job ad include?

Start by creating a job here. Tips for filling out each field of your job description can be found on the job posting page.

Who are you looking for?

For example, Android developer for a big e-commerce project.

Brief description / highlights

Make it eye-catching. Djinni uses job descriptions to let candidates know about your role through email and the website.

Full description

Here you can share a detailed job description; tell candidates about your requirements, project, team, perks, and benefits. Please do not include external links to your job in the Brief or Full descriptions. You can share it with a Candidate once they open their contact details to further discuss your job.

YouTube video

It's not obligatory, but if your company has it, make sure to add it; it grabs more attention.

Define your search criteria

We use these criteria to show your job to relevant candidates:

  • Primary role/occupation
  • Keywords - keywords using which a candidate can find your job on the website
  • Remote / Office
  • Country - pick up to 5 countries where your company is present
  • Relocation - If working on-site is a must for your role, please make sure to put this on your job ad. Also clarify if you cover expenses for employee relocation.
  • Country or region of a candidate - Specify the country you want to hire in. Djinni hides the job from candidates from other countries.
  • Salary range (per month, after taxes), $

There are two types of salary ranges:

  • Private (required) - Candidates don’t see it on the website. The ones that have similar salary expectations to the salary you offer will be able to apply, and we’ll make sure to share your job with them via email.
  • Public (not required) - Candidates will see a salary range for your role on the website. Candidates tend to apply more for roles with public salary ranges.
  • Work experience, years
  • English level
  • Company type

Great job! Your job is posted and applications are already on their way!

All your chats with candidates will be in your Inbox (both outbound messages and job applications). We will also send job applications to your email.

And while applications are on their way, you can reach out to desired candidates yourself by filtering out the exact candidates you need on the “Candidates” page and sharing your job description with them. This helps to extend the talent pipeline and make hires faster.

Good luck!