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Sign up process

Signing up on Djinni is easy and only takes a few steps. While creating an accountplease include some basic information about yourself and your company so you can immediately start posting jobs and talking to candidates.

Getting started step-by-step

Sign up

You can use your corporate email to create a profile, or simply synch data from your LinkedIn or Google account. After you’ve created a password, we’ll send you a confirmation email to complete the registration.

✨ Djinni Tip: use your corporate email rather than a personal one to speed up the account verification and start using djinni.co right away.

Complete your profile

Please indicate in the My Profile section:

  • your First and Last name
  • your role
  • your contacts & the link to your personal LinkedIn profile

Also, add in the About Us section a few words about your company and the link to your company website. This not only tells the candidate more about you but significantly increases the number of job applications as well.

✨ Djinni tip: to get more interested candidates tell them about your product or services, the tech stack you use, and a few words about your company culture and the benefits you provide.

Sometimes if the information provided about the company is insufficient, we may ask for company registration records. Please be understanding.

Send your profile to moderation once you've completed your profile

Employer Profile verification usually doesn’t take more than an hour.

If the profile didn't make it through moderation, our team will get back with feedback on what is missing. Just send the profile back to our team once you've fixed that.

Congrats on creating your Djinni account!

We’re happy to have you on board! Our team will follow up via email with some useful tips on how to get started on Djinni and make great hires.

If you have any questions around the website, you can always contact our Support Team at magic@djinni.co or via chat in footer.