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Tips & tricks

We looked at thousands of recent hires to figure out what the most efficient recruiters do right on Djinni. We’ve put together a list of tips to help you quickly hire top talent.

Posting jobs or doing a proactive search?

There are two ways to create a talent pipeline for your company's open positions:

We recommend you do both, so you can start interviewing candidates as soon as possible.

On average, recruiters reach out to 5 candidates and receive another 15 applications for a job before making a successful hire.

Chart. From those, who hired on Djinni, 50% both messaged candidates and posted a job. 26% only messaged candidates without posting a job.

When you post a job and do a proactive search, you double your chances of finding the right candidate.

Crafting a perfect outreach message

Our data shows that your first message to the candidate plays a big role in determining whether your conversation is going to continue.Make your desired candidates feel valued. Your message should make the position seem like a good fit for them. Your recruiting messages shouldn’t be a numbers game.

Our messaging tips can help you craft your perfect first message.

Contacting Passive search candidates

Ukraine’s top tech talent comes to djinni.co to monitor the job market. Djinni shows your jobs and gives you access to source the pool of Passive job seekers who might be open to switching jobs if the right offer presents itself.

Usually, you can find senior devs with lots of years of experience and advanced skill sets in the Passive search. If you have a highly specific role to fill in, we recommend checking the passive candidates’ list and as well reach out to them as well.

Even though they are not as responsive as active search candidates:

Chart, candidates response rate on Djinni: for active job seekers it's 50%, for passive job seekers it's 20%.

Subscribe to new Candidates

Make sure to create an email subscription to receive new candidate profiles that match the requirements for your open jobs.

If you are among the first companies that reach out to an interesting candidate, the higher the chances that you’ll hire them

Your candidates’ subscription ensures that you never miss a great candidate.