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Djinni in comparison

Djinni is the largest website in Ukraine to hire tech talent and the most popular job search tool among Ukrainian developers  - 73% of devs consider Djinni the most effective way to land a new job, according to a recent survey on DOU.ua

Most recruiters can hire great candidates for their jobs on Djinni in as little as 2 - 3 weeks.

However, Djinni is different from the popular job boards in Europe and the US in a number of ways that have to do with how the market works.

Post jobs & source for free. Pay only for successful hires.

We don't charge monthly fees or prepayments. After you’ve created an account, you can post as many jobs as you want and immediately start a proactive candidate search. There’re no recurring payments as well.

We charge a Success Fee of 50% of the candidate's first month's salary only if you hire them.

Also, Djinni wants companies and candidates to be perfect matches. Hence, if for any reason the candidate hired on Djinni worked at your company for less than 30 since their starting date, we cancel our Success Fee.

You can have the money refunded back to you, or you can keep it under your Djinni account as a deposit to use for your future hires.

To let our support team know about this and get help, send an email to magic@djinni.co. We review each case like this individually and are happy to provide some flexibility.

No middleman in your hiring process

To ensure that you’ll find the best match for your roles djinni.co you are in full control of the hiring process, from posting the job ad to signing a contract.

All of the candidates who apply for your jobs or whose profiles you see in the database of Candidates are real, active job seekers who have created profiles on djinni.co to find their next role - Djinni deactivates unresponsive candidate profiles.

We don’t intervene at all in your sourcing/hiring process. Once the candidate applies for your job you will be able to access their full CV, together with the contact details. You can move your conversation with them from djinni to any other communication channel. But please, don’t forget to report the hire to us, once you’ve found your desired candidate.

Target Passive job seekers with your jobs

Lots of tech talent comes to djinni.co to monitor the market and observe its trends. Djinni shows your jobs and gives you access to source the pool of Passive job seekers who might be open to switching jobs if the right offer presents itself.

Usually, you can find senior devs with lots of years of experience and advanced skill sets in the Passive search. If you have a highly specific role to fill in, we recommend checking the passive candidates’ list and as well reach out to them.

You can filter out passive search candidates with a search type filter:

You can easily identify a passive search candidate among others by a “Passive Search” badge on their profile:

For Passive search candidates, Djinni's Expected Success Fee is the same, 50% of monthly salary expectations on the candidate's profile

Access exclusive talent that comes to Djinni for an anonymous job search

Because of the anonymity of candidate profiles on Djinni, our platform attracts thousands of top tech talent who can consider new opportunities without revealing their intention to shift jobs to their current employers.

Candidates' profiles allow you to see their qualifications, experience, job preferences, and compensation in advance, which saves you a lot of guesswork when screening.

Once the candidate applies for your job you’d be able to access their full CV, together with the contact details to continue the interviewing process.When you initiate a conversation with a candidate, you’ll be able to access their contacts once they confirm that they are interested in your job offer.

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