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Companies that hired on Djinni

Djinni is the №1 service for hiring tech talent in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

Whether you are a big company with thousands of employees or a small startup, djinni.co is an easy way to quickly find your next great tech hire.

We've been connecting companies and software engineers for more than 10 years already. About 3,000 companies post their jobs on Djinni every month. And within the past few months, Djinni has helped more than 10,000 software engineers find their next job opportunity.

Our clients represent numerous industries and geographies

  • Software Development Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Computer Games
  • E-learning
  • Fintech
  • IT Consulting
  • Tech Staffing and Recruiting
  • and many more...

Djinni users can be found worldwide: across the US, Latin America, Canada, Europe, and Asia.

Big tech players like Snap Inc, GitLab, Readdle, Grammarly, BlaBlaCar, Amazon, Creatio, Genesis, TakeOff, iDeals, Preply, and others use djinni.co to strengthen their development teams with top software engineers from Ukraine.

Many international tech companies with over 5,000 employees choose djinni.co to extend their development centers in Ukraine. Epam Systems, SoftServe, Ciklum, GlobalLogic by Hitachi, Avenga, Sigma, Intellias, N-iX, Luxoft, Wix, EvoPlay, Ubisoft, and Grid Dynamics are just a few of the companies that make use of djinni to help with talent.

Also, among our clients there are several hundred US and Europe-based companies that hire Ukrainian developers to join them remotely or relocate for the on-site job. Matter Labs, Atlas, Ravnur, Bennett Data Science, Cyberhaven, Yokee, RiverBank, Kivork, Vidalytics, and many more have all had successful hires on Djinni in the past year.

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